Featured Clinician: José A. Menéndez Bermúdez

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José A. Menéndez Bermúdez.

I’m a 3rd year student from the School of Health Professions, from the University of Puerto Rico-Medical Science Campus. I started to achieve my goal of becoming a physical therapist because I had suffered from knee injuries while playing basketball and I also loved watching soccer. In soccer, I saw how in the Europe Soccer Leagues they showed the respect a physiotherapist deserve. For them, a physio, like they called them, are the ones who train, rehabilitate and maintain the players from each team. They are also the first ones on the field when a player is injured. This respect they showed and when seeing the things PTs do was my inspiration to get into this beautiful profession. My goal is to make every patient that comes my way feel perfect and ready to do his/her activities the same way they did before injury happened. I want to inspire other people to know that they can accomplish more than what they are thinking they can do. Strengthening their bodies and their minds in order to be completely capable of doing things they thought they couldn’t do before. My other goals are to be a Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) and Sports Clinical Specialist (SCS) by the APTA. I will give my best to give this awesome profession the respect it deserves.

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  1. Very proud of our future physical therapist. Congrats José A. Menéndez Bermudez!

  2. Feliz de leer tu mensaje y ver con la pasión que hablas de tu amor por la Fisioterapia. Con la ayuda y la bendición de Dios lograrás tus metas. Me honra el haberte tenido en mi sala de clases. Mi nieta Cristina está también en Ciencias Médicas haciendo su Doctorado en Terapia Física.
    Dios les BENDIGA.
    C. Neris

  3. We need physical therapist more than ever as we are more concern about our wellness. Also, viewing a person as a whole will guide you to become a great doctor. Congratulations for this journey. Mr. Meléndez, we are excited to see your greatness!!

  4. I wish you the blessing of God, be with you. That you can achieve your academic and professional goal. It helps you to reach the stages you have ahead and you can keep your projections well focused. A privilege to witness these achievements and believe that you will achieve it. Do not give up!

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