The Physical Therapy Job Market Primer

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Listen in on these three amazing salary negotiation success stories & get updated with what’s new with this edition of the Primer.

The Physical Therapy Job Market Primer is a game changing success accelerator for soon to be graduating PTs/PTAs, New Grads, and even seasoned clinicians in the midst of a career change. Comprised of now, eight modules, running an average length of an hour each; this edition of the Primer holds a 2.0 UpDate of the PT Job Market and brings with it the timeless content of the original 1.0 Primer. For your convenience, the Primer can be viewed as video lectures or listened to as podcasts.

The Physical Therapy Job Market Primer Modules are:
0. Intro To The Job Market Primer
1. Understanding The Job Market
2. When/How/Where To Apply For Jobs
3. Building Your Resume
4. Nailing That Interview
5. Negotiating Your Salary
6. Making The Most Of Your 1st Year
7. Personal Branding: A Micro-Primer

Containing insider information from directorial experience & behind the scenes industry involvement, the Physical Therapy Job Market Primer delivers leverage & savvy on the traditionally uneven playing field that is the job market. Annnd… of course — we talk about residency, business ownership, moving up in leadership, personal branding, work-life-balance, how to make 6 figures… and, a whole lot more!

Who Doesn’t Like A Free Sneak Preview?

If your worries include:
  • Low-balled salaries
  • Wanting to know the true extent of how much you can negotiate
  • Which career paths are best suited for you
  • How to craft a killer resume
  • Insider interview strategies

Then, take action! Invest in yourself & your career — put these frets behind you as you embark on the Physical Therapy Job Market Primer!

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