7 Things Never to Say to Your Physical Therapist

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Today’s article comes from VeryWell Health with a “word to the wise-patient” perspective on what to NOT say to a Physical Therapist. From the clinical audience, this is a great piece — authored by Brett Sears, Physical Therapist.

If you attend physical therapy, you probably have chatted a bit while working in the clinic. You most likely have noticed that your physical therapist is a pretty nice person, and you may feel like you can say just about anything to your physical therapist.

But there are a few things that you should not say to your physical therapist. Never. Ever. Why? Some things may irk your therapist, and some things may make your physical therapist push you a bit harder than you want to be pushed.

Bottom line: some things are better left unsaid.

“You’re a Great Trainer”

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Personal trainers are valuable members of any fitness team. They can help keep you motivated and can help you get in shape.

Your physical therapist is not a personal trainer. He or she is a licensed professional with years of schooling and tons of experience. Sometimes your therapist serves as a motivator, and occasionally your physical therapist may act a bit like a drill sergeant, but the level of healthcare education differs significantly between trainers and physical therapists.

Keep the personal training in the gym, and let your physical therapist handle the rehab.





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