What is the Purpose of Physical Therapy?

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What is the purpose of physical therapy?

Physical therapy has many benefits, including an improved range of motion, decreased pain, and enhanced function. After an injury, the body experiences physiological processes that cause inflammation, leading to pain, stiffness, and reduced muscle function. The primary purpose of physical therapy is to recover from injury and return to activity as soon as possible. Following any type of injury, physical therapy is a vital part of rehabilitation if you want to fully recover and avoid chronic issues and pain.

Pain relief 

Following an injury, the pain you go through is arguably the most challenging part of the experience. Physical therapy can be very beneficial in reducing pain or even eliminating pain after an injury. Whether you have suffered anything from whiplash to a torn ACL, teaming up with a physical therapist is very helpful in reducing pain. A physical therapist can teach you various exercises and stretches to decrease stiffness and introduce a customized physical therapy plan.


Recovery after an injury can be long and dreadful. However, working with a physical therapist can cut the length of time of recovery down tremendously. A physical therapist is there to make recovery faster and easier. In addition, physical therapy is vital to avoiding chronic issues.


People with any injury usually have a limited range of motion around the injured area. Physical therapists use their understanding of the body to know precisely which stretches and exercises will help increase your range of motion after an injury. Stretching and exercising your muscles and joints can dramatically improve mobility and overall recovery. 

Avoid Invasive Surgery

Surgery may be avoided after an injury if physical therapy can help restore function and mobility. Surgery can impose many health risks and long recovery times. So, when possible, it is best to try and avoid it. If surgery cannot be avoided, you can receive pre-surgical physical therapy to help prepare for surgery and aid in a quicker recovery.

Avoiding re-injury

When you suffer an injury to a specific area of your body, there is an increased risk of damage occurring in the same spot again. However, through the help of physical therapy, the risk can be reduced tremendously. In addition, a physical therapist can help you build back strength and flexibility in the damaged area to avoid re-injury.

Preventing Scar Tissue Build up

Scar tissue is likely to develop after an injury or surgery. However, trying to prevent scar tissue build-up is essential as it may cause tightness and pain. Physical therapists use stretching and other manual therapy techniques to avoid the build-up of scar tissue and ensure proper healing.



Not being able to do the things you love can be highly frustrating. Physical therapy following an injury is crucial to support proper healing, avoid chronic issues, prevent re-injury, and get back to doing the activities you love.

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FEATURED CLINICIAN: Anthony Maritato, PT Anthony Maritato, PT, MSPT, is a licensed physical therapist and co-founder of Total Therapy Solutions, a private practice outpatient physical therapy business that focuses on

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