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Helping us kick off the Summer Relaunch is a relatively new podcast gaining lots of tractions and even more ears: The Healthcare Education Transformation Podcast.

If you haven’t heard of them yet, here’s a little bit about them:

The Healthcare Education Transformation Podcast is brought to you by 2 physical therapists looking to pursue educational roles and we are interviewing prominent guests within the realms of healthcare and education aimed at PTs and other healthcare providers who want to transition to education and how to be effective educators from various roles as PTs to patients/ CI/ Mentor/ CEU Teacher/ Professor/Administrator and transition to interviewing educators from other professions to observe their models to see what we can take from them with the goal to provide free and valuable content that can reach large numbers of people to help developing current and future educators.

This dynamic trio found in F Scott Feil, Stephanie Weyrauch, and Brandon Poen, seek to unveil some of the less spoken and less known elements behind healthcare education, all while engaging in conversations that may very well lead to discovery of the next and necessary waves that will ultimately transform the landscape we know as healthcare education.

Where should we start? Well, the beginning is a good place! Here’s their 1st episode… [Click HERE!]

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