Taking Control of OUR Future: Part 2 – Mindset Shift Within

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Continuing from Part 1, we’re back with Kim Rondina, PT at www.wisdomptcoach.com

This part of the series will focus on perspective from a practice owner or other members of leadership to get a better sense of how we’re doing ‘on the inside.’  Question for practice owners…

To what extent does your budget for all things marketing exceed the dollars you spend internally developing your greatest asset, your therapists?    

Therapists on average generate roughly 3.5x their salary as revenue to your business.  Do you exceed that level of ROI with your marketing? Or at least have the same level of impact financially for each dollar spent on external marketing?

Why does this matter?    Part 1 laid out the data that supports that an external focus likely isn’t the answer to our long-term vitality as professionals or owners.

Clearly, the value or importance we place on ourselves is NOT MATCHED by that of payers, referral sources or even clients.  Yet we spend ENDLESS hours and large sums of hard-earned money in attempts to elevate THEIR impact on OUR success.

Honestly should we expect it to be?  Looking to others to create our fulfillment is not a sustainable model.  As humans, we want to feel affirmed for our authentic selves (Guignon). What exactly will be our tipping point in which to acknowledge this?

That’s a much greater topic for discussion, but in the meantime, what am I encouraging you to do?!      Start from within! How…..

Shift your mindset and re-establish your experiences as a professional.

Again, by looking within… and how you relate to things.

The 3 step process

1. Get clear on our motivations and intentions.

These are not material things that we seek, but rather the deeper meaning behind what we do).  It asks the question, what does living your purpose truly FEEL like. Yes, it’s the feeling part of you that’s out of balance right now.

Why do we need to get clear?  Clarifying these intentions dictates what we give attention….. To be present with what we value, and decrease impact of distractions that inevitably exist.  For this to happen we must:

Let go of the status quo.  Have you noticed the recycling of old patterns when where holding on! Trying to control, being defensive or closed, sense of never enough? Is that pattern giving you any value?

After realizing the need to let go, we can develop a healthy mindset, one that is open, one that sees opportunity and is curious, and seeks to learn in ALL circumstances.  This was your mindset when you started your journey to become an owner. Our freedom and fulfillment only come from within ourselves.

2. Live our intentions, consistently in our life.

It takes more than ‘wanting’.  Success demands commitment, and not just when it’s convenient.  

3. Reflect across situations whereas you can continue to grow and build perspective that re-defines your experience.

This is where personal development happens.  Building your self awareness and ability to see the context in which any circumstance arises will provide confidence with challenges we face. 

Owners / Directors

An additional part of looking within for leaders has to do with those you lead and influence – your therapists!  This is where the 4R’s come back in to play with retention and recruiting. I’m not here to discuss your decisions around your network status and payer relations, nor how to make the most out of your marketing budget but rather how we connect with our therapists!

Who better to transform your business into a thriving practice?

Their journey, commitment, passion is one that you can relate to AND they are the only one of the target groups that are actual stakeholders in your business health.

For the naysayers that are likely out there, I challenge you to reflect on your relationships with your therapists over the last 6 months.  Have you truly sought to relate to them and help them fulfill THEIR wants as individuals seeking success as therapists? Or are they a simply a widget in the flow of your daily operations?  

Some of you may still may have some resistance so let’s look at some hard truths:

#1 reason employees quit….. THEIR BOSS!

People will leave a job NOT because they don’t like the work OR because they found a better position, BUT because they don’t like their boss.  They don’t have a sense of belonging. – Can’t relate….

Study in 2018 by Kota -looking at job satisfaction in PT’s – greatest influence is ‘better human relations’ which correlated with prior data showing interpersonal domain and organizational culture were crucial.

Newer generation of therapists coming into the workforce provide the PERFECT opportunity to cultivate a thriving future for your business.  Drivers of satisfaction and therefore retention can be broken down into 2 categories:

  • Purpose – their motivations and drivers (connect and relate).
  • Environment – experience they has as your EE (non-arbitrary engagement).

As owners we can all relate to these motivations along our own journey.

Purpose and a sense of belonging are demonstrated by way of:

  • Being motivated by meaning, that is:
    • Sharing their gifts
    • Making an impact
    • Living their desired quality of life
  • Want relationship with boss
  • Hunger for learning – they want to know why!

Environmental attributes are seen in:

  • A tendency to challenge hierarchical structures and the status quo YET:
    • Open to change so being creative in HOW they can contribute and grow – this is an opportunity to evolve how to encourage retention of you’re A players
    • Tech savviness
    • Task oriented – this reflects emphasis on contribution rather than time
    • Crave feedback
    • Want recognition
    • Having fun

Circling back around to retention and recruitment as being vital aspects of a thriving business, I encourage owners to connect with the motivations of each of their therapists and create environmental opportunities to build your dreams together.  

Message for the day…Taking care of those we’re in charge of – Focus inward.  On ourselves – get clear, live our intention and grow our perspective. Inward also reflects who we are as therapists so bringing focus to our clinical teams, to nurture and influence their professional future is vital to your fulfillment as an owner.  In doing this OWNERS will continue evolve our industry, by committing to the people that have dedicated their lives to our professional health – Therapists.

I hope that our time together has inspired us to reflect on our own journey and aspirations in making a difference as providers, as owners and for our families both professionally and personally.


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