Physical Therapy in Entertainment Media

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As we are nearing the end of Physical Therapy Month 2019, we’d like to share a fun article on the various times that the entertainment industry featured aspects of Physical Therapy.

In the 90s and early 2000s, sitcoms featured “ancillary” medical professionals in less that favorable light. Perhaps the two most questionable (though, in its moments taken to a certain hilarity) depictions was from Seinfeld [The Kiss Hello] and According to Jim [Physical Therapy].

Fortunately, as both industries progressed into the 2010s, we saw a more consummate view of rehab therapy professions with nods to physical, occupational, and speech therapy in various lights from an occupational background in Matt Damon’s Downsizing, to a quasi-misrepresented situation in the Kings Speech, and in recent primetime television: mentions on The Resident as well as a Dr. Zach Ligon, Physical Therapist, as a romantic interest in New Amsterdam.

For those that were interested in the acclaims series, Breaking Bad, one of the main characters “Hank” required some serious physical therapy after a fierce gun battle with cartel hitmen.

PT has definitely come into its own as it pertains the limelight. Hopefully, as we push our profession forward, it will become as much of a household name amongst the many honorable professions within the medical field and healthcare at large.

If you’re interested in seeing where else PT has been on TV, please see the original post by UpDoc Media — HERE.

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