How to Relieve Neck Pain

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How to Relieve Neck Pain?


Just about everyone has woken up with a stiff neck from time to time. Even something as simple as turning to look behind you as you back out of a parking lot can cause pain. Whether your pain comes and goes or it is a constant annoyance, finding relief can be grueling. Neck pain makes everything from working to driving a car more difficult, and at times it may seem like you would do anything to relieve the pain. Neck pain can have a severe impact on your life. Here we will look at some ways to combat pain.

Common causes

Many factors may be causing your neck pain. However, thanks to the hours we spend hunched over looking at our phones and computers, an increasing number of people are starting to suffer from neck pain. Other factors that cause neck pain are stress, poor posture, and being overweight. Injuries and health conditions can also cause pain, such as whiplash or nerve damage. Identifying the root cause of your pain is vital to properly treating it.

Finding Relief 

When neck pain persists, finding adequate relief can be your only priority at times. In most cases, people can attempt to treat pain at home before seeking medical attention. These simple yet effective remedies can be very beneficial.

Applying Ice and Heat 

Applying ice and heat may seem like the most obvious option, but that does not hinder its effectiveness. Using ice can help reduce swelling and pain, while heat can help relax muscles and improve blood flow to the area. Ice or heat should only be applied for 15-20 minutes at a time, with at least a 2-hour break in between.


Some neck pain is alleviated by gentle range-of-motion stretches. One easy stretch to do is neck flexion. First, lower your chin toward your chest, only moving your head. Once your head is flexed forward, hold the stretch for five seconds before returning to normal position. If any particular movement worsens pain, stop and try another stretch instead. 

 Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an excellent tool for improving strength and flexibility in the neck. The length and structure of a physical therapy program will depend on each specific situation. In the beginning, multiple sessions with your physical therapist per week may be recommended. Over time your therapist may prescribe exercises to be completed independently at home. 

Massage Therapy

Massages can help with muscle tension and spasms, reducing pain and promoting relaxation. Some people may prefer a massage from a willing friend or partner. However, you may find more relief from receiving a massage from a trained professional. 


A certified acupuncturist can place thin needles into specific points in the skin based on the type and location of the pain. For example, when treating neck pain, the needles may be placed in the neck or somewhere on the body in an attempt to unblock stagnant energy to promote healing. 


Over-the-counter pain relief medications, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, are typically tried first for neck pain. However, if the pain is persistent, a doctor may prescribe stronger medicines such as prescription anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, or opioids on a short-term basis. 


Living with neck pain is something that no one wants to deal with. But unfortunately, as humans, it is a common issue many people have to deal with. While finding relief can sometimes seem out of reach, identifying the cause and using these methods can help immensely


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FEATURED CLINICIAN: Anthony Maritato, PT Anthony Maritato, PT, MSPT, is a licensed physical therapist and co-founder of Total Therapy Solutions, a private practice outpatient physical therapy business that focuses on

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