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How Long Does Physical Therapy Last?

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Physical Therapy also known as Physiotherapy is a branch of rehabilitative health that uses different techniques to help decrease pain and stiffness.  One of the common questions among patients is how long the Physical Therapy will last, this may seem like a simple question but there is no clear answer to how long a physical therapy program will last. The duration depends on individual's healing rate as well as the condition of the patient.

Patients are always eager to know how long it will take for them to recover in order to resume their normal day to day activities but it is important to be patient and go through the process thoroughly in order to ensure full recovery.

Questions such as how frequently will I need to attend Physiotherapy or what should I do after the session are frequently asked questions. However, the frequency of your physiotherapy session will depend on the diagnosis as well as the extent of the injury or disorder. There are a number of steps you can take to reduce the frequency of your visits to the Physiotherapist.

  • Keep up with all the exercises and programs that the therapist assigns you.
  • Change certain habits and set yourself up differently at work.
  • Compliance with regular treatment attendance and
  • follow your therapist's advice as this will ensure quick rehabilitation, allowing you to return to activity as soon as possible.

Have you visited a Physiotherapist before, how long did your Physical Therapy last, what are the steps that you took that contributed to your quick recovery? I would love to know, tell me more about it in the comment section.



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