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Manual Therapy VS Physical Therapy

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Manual Therapy was the golden child of Body Therapy for years. It was basically the healing of body pains by using our hands for just about everything. This practice certainly produce results but it often comes with unwanted side effects, but with the advent of Physical Therapy, Physical therapist are embracing the complex relationship between movement and pain while leaning into the importance as Educators to Patients.

Pain is a normal part of human experience but Physical Therapist are going beyond just providing solutions to Patients pains. Physical Therapist perform an evaluation of how the body is moving and what may be contributing to the pains. They address lifestyle that may trigger the pains and symptoms. At the end of the day, they create an individualized plan to help you with different areas of your day to day activities which pain interferes with, while prescribing exercises and suggesting modifications to your daily activities.

 According to Orthopedic Physical Therapy center, here are some ways to manage chronic pains:

  • Exercise: Exercises are designed to help restore function in the body and research has shown that getting your heart rate pumps blood and oxygen through your body helps calm your nerves. There are several types of strengthening and flexibility exercises. Talk to your Physical Therapist to discuss the amount, as well as frequency of exercise that you should be performing.
  • Sleep: Sleep has a significant effect on our health, especially those with chronic pain. You need up to six to eight hours of sleep everyday. You can achieve this by having a regular schedule.
  • Healthy diet
  • Manage stress appropriately
  • Schedule your day to day activities
  • Visit your Physical Therapist regularly

Do you have any other ways to manage pain or have you had any experience with Manual Therapy that you would like to share? I would love to hear about ways you manage pains in the comment section.


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