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Does the sex or Gender of the Therapist Matter?

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it's normal to have some confusion about choosing a female or male therapist. Finding a therapist is all about finding someone you will feel comfortable pursuing treatment with and for some patients, this means someone of specific gender identity. some people may feel more at ease knowing that they are discussing a particular issue with someone that can more easily relate.  A very good example is a woman who deals with postpartum depression, she may feel more comfortable relating her story to a female therapist and this has absolutely nothing to do with being a Misandrist. 

Past trauma or abuse may also make some people wary of speaking with a person of the same gender as the former or current abuser. A female survivor of domestic violence in a heterosexual relationship, for example, may not feel comfortable pursuing treatment with a male therapist. It could potentially be too stressful or triggering, which could undermine the goal of a successful therapy session. Men who were sexually abused by the opposite gender may also find it difficult to relate with a Female therapist

There are several key questions you should ask yourself when looking for a therapist. If you’re choosing to seek a therapist of a specific gender identity, it may be helpful to add one more question to the list: why is the therapist’s gender important to you?

It can be beneficial to see a therapist of opposite or differing gender identity from your own. Regardless of how you choose to proceed, be sure to check in with yourself and your needs frequently as you take steps to find a therapist.

I do not have a preference when choosing a Physical Therapist when I am in pain or some uncomfortable situation, I am not choosy about the person who makes me feel better- be it a male, female or transgender. My goal is to always find the perfect therapist to solve my problems.  

Do you prefer your gender as your Physical Therapist or are you as non-choosy as I am, let me know in the comment section or let's have a chitchat about it in the Chit-chat section of the Forum, I would love us to have a robust discussion about this.


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