• July 6, 2018 at 8:29 am #69177

    Hi everyone, I was reaching out to see if anyone knew anything about The University of Findlay’s PTA to DPT Bridge Program. I’ve done a little bit of the base research and know that it’s one of only 2 remaining “bridge” programs in the US, and that it is an almost 3 year program that can supposedly be completed on the weekend, but I was just curious as to if anyone knew anymore in-depth details about it. I’ve reached out to the school for some questions, but just was hoping someone had some more first-hand or personal experience.

    Coming from someone who is a PTA with a Bachelor’s I was just wondering how realistic it would be to try a program like this versus a traditional DPT route. I would like to continue working as long as I could and from what I’ve read The University of Findlay program actually requires “work” as part of the curriculum. The only real reservations I have is the commute which for me would be about 10 hours. I’m not sure how much actual campus presence is required, but I believe they try to keep it to a minimum. I guess the gist of my inquiry is just an open invite for anyone with experience or advice on this program to tell me what they think or know.

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