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    I’m interested in the physical therapy assistant program. However, I’d probably have to move to another state in a few years because of my husband’s job. I was wondering about the following potential issues:

    1. Can having no reciprocity become a problem in this profession due to the state license requirement? At the moment, my husband and I don’t know in which state we would end up settling down. We move every few years.

    2. Since the degree program is not offered at so many community colleges, I would think reputation of a school is important to employers. For example, if I completed the program in Alaska and we ended up settling down in CA, would they be skeptical of my credentials since they don’t have first-hand experience with out-of-state community colleges?

    3. I have recently found out that I am very likely to suffer from mild autism (diagnosis in progress) but I’ve always been an excellent student so I am confident I can complete the program. Unfortunately, wherever I have worked at so far, people remarked on certain things (my facial expressions, not having enough confidence, not understanding jokes, some verbal instruction misunderstandings etc.) but I’ve been trying to overcome these now that I know they are due to ASD. I’m trying to find another career path because even though I am highly educated, there are some things I cannot help such as not hearing with background noise and not comprehending certain things the way others do. I have some anxiety issues as well. I have a strong drive to help people though: I am extremely hard-working, good at everything that’s a routine task and physical work. I’m also empathetic and good at working with people one-on-one but not with large groups and multitasking too much. Would you recommend this career to someone who clearly has some autistic traits? In what profession could I benefit from my traits? I know I could learn anything but once I have to apply that knowledge in real life, my anxiety starts to increase but I’d think that has to do with me not being in the right career field at the moment.

    I greatly appreciate any help/advice.

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