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    My wife is a French physical therapist (trained in France). We are starting the process of getting her education/training evaluated. However, I have a question about the nine-month clinical period in California.

    Is this a paid appointment? Is it typically paid like a regular physical therapist?

    Also, she did several internships in France. Is it possible for her to get credit for that? We will definitely include that in the equivalence submission to FCCPT but I was wondering if anyone had similar experience or could speculate on the issue?




    Yes. It is called PTLA or an extern. You will be paid. Around $30 and will shoot up to $40 after you passed the externship/PTLA your clinical Instructor that is certified by APTA will be the one to decide if you will be a full pledge PT in CA as early as 3 months or might extend you depending on your performance. This is what I know from a friend who is currently a PTLA.



    My wife is physiotherapist in India and she is come in USA in 3 months and I want to know about what can she do for start career in USA and what’s reuiterments



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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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