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    Hi I am a freshman at a Cal state university and I would love for one of the physical therapist to answer some of my interview questions.
    Its really basic questions so please help me out!
    a.Full Name of professional and their job title
    b. Location where they work
    c. How long they have been in this role (within profession)
    d. Day and time of interview
    e. What degrees do they have AND where did they receive their degrees.
    f. Number of years they have been working in this profession.
    g. Describe the top 3 things you love about your job? What do you least like
    about your job?
    h. Did your education adequately prepare you for your current job? If not, what
    else did you need?
    i. What are the required job responsibilities you have that are NOT directly
    linked to your profession (soft skills we have learned)?
    j. What are your opportunities for advancement?
    k. Is your career everything that you imagined it to be?
    l. What advice can you give me as I pursue a degree and eventually entrance into
    this profession?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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