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    Please help….I have a really weak right ankle. I believe its from prior ankle sprains or even growing up playing hockey…so for instance, when Im seated and my right leg is dangling down, my right ankle just naturally is in a very overly supinated position and sometimes walking I feel like I walk on the outer edge of my foot. But when I try to do a one legged squat, my arch collapses and my knee comes in. Also when I squat I feel like my calcaneus wants to come in to my midline and my foot wants to turn out. Sometimes it’s so bad I can see that my socks have actually shifted. I have very limited outer dorsiflexion. As I try to dorsiflex with my knee going out towards my pinky toe, my calcaneus moves in but my toes stay..like my calcaneus actually points in..like my foot is in two parts…Idk if I painted this picture clear enough, I’ve just been very frustrated with this useless ankle. I would be very appreciative to any help or insight to whats going on or how to resolve this issue if you have any idea. I’d even pay you for a written rehab plan. Thank you for you time

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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