• March 3, 2016 at 9:39 am #33555

    Hi PT Readers

    This week, we launched a free iPad app called ClinicJot 2016 which is designed to help busy Physiotherapists manage every aspect of their practice. It’s free we’d love your feedback to help make it even better!

    It was designed and developed by Physiotherapists and is fully HIPAA compliant. We wanted to create something that would help Therapists spend more time with their Patients and less time dealing with paperwork and admin!

    It allows Therapists to easily manage their schedules, appointment notes, bookings and reminders and billing. Best of all, you can use ClinicJot to draw on body charts or even import your own templates. You can send your Patients their records and history with a swipe of a button. Its very customisable and you can even create your own consent to Treatment forms and medical questionnaires.

    We’re really proud of the end-result and would love your feedback to help making it even better.

    You can download it here:ClinicJot for iPad

    More information about ClinicJot

    Thanks very much and we really look forward to your feedback!

    ClinicJot for iPad

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