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    Ivy Rehab welcomes all PTs and PTAs to attend the below CEU course:

    Vestibular Dysfunction and Concussion Management

    Date: Saturday, June 30th – Sunday July 1 21st, 2018
    Time: 8:00am – 4:15pm (Saturday)
    9:00am – 2:00pm (Sunday)
    Location: Ivy Rehab
    454 Passaic St
    Hackensack, NJ 07601
    Instructor: Stephanie Calefati, DPT
    CEUs: NJ: 12.0 CEU Hrs. NY 14.4 CEU Hrs. CT: 12.0 CEU Hrs.

    Course Overview
    This evidence based course which combines both interactive lecture and lab will review the function, normal anatomy and physiology, and common pathologies of the vestibular system. Course content also includes education for in depth assessment of common vestibular conditions; both acute and chronic, and post concussive syndrome as well as treatment strategies and expected outcomes for these conditions. At the conclusion of this seminar, attendees will be able to perform a comprehensive evaluation with interpretation and be able to establish an effective treatment program based on their findings. This course is effective for any therapist working with patients that have balance deficits, difficulty ambulating, poor activity tolerance, headaches and other symptoms associated with concussion, and/or dizzy complaints. Although the presentation of material is appropriate for clinicians that have limited experience treating the concussed patient and/or the patient with vestibular loss; it includes some more advanced assessment and treatment material that will appeal to clinicians that have experience with the population. This course is appropriate for Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants, and Athletic Trainers that are interested in investigating why a patient falls, what causes their dizziness, how to progress a patient to return to prior level of function as appropriate, and how the clinician can make a difference in the patient’s overall function by assessing and treating possible vestibular deficits. This course is an excellent jumping point to start treating your patients more effectively and efficiently with evidence based outcomes.

    About the Presenter
    Patricia Baylis, PT, c-VRT is a licensed Physical Therapist in the State of New Jersey, with over 20 years of clinical experience. She earned her Bachelors Degree in Physical Therapy degree from Quinnipiac University in 1996. She currently works for Ivy Rehab in Mt. Laurel, NJ where she primarily treats vestibular patient population. She is a certified Versibular Rehab Therapist since completing the APTA-accredited program through Emory University in 2012. She has presented at several symposiums and CEU/CME courses to multi-disciplinary audiences on the topics of vestibular pathology, vestibular rehab therapy, concussion management, and fall risk prevention.

    Course Objectives
    At the end of this course the participant will be able to:
    1. Explain in simple terms the anatomy and physiology of the vestibular system.
    2. Perform specific tests to assess a patient’s vestibular loss and physical deficits related to concussion.
    3. Demonstrate an oculomotor exam.
    4. Differentiate between central and peripheral lesions of the vestibular system.
    5. Perform specific tests to assess balance and gait in a functional manner.
    6. Recognize common presentations of nystagmus and their relevance to treatment.
    7. Design and provide rationale for an appropriate treatment plan including measurable goals.
    8. Apply appropriate therapeutic interventions for various vestibular dysfunction and complications related to concussion.

    Registration and Cost
    • Register at //www.physicaltherapist.com
    or email: [email protected]
    • Cost: $450 for PT’s and PTA’s

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    Looks like a greart course!

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