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    I’ve got a patient that is also seeing a chiro. She swears that the chiro helps reposition her atlas and that it instantly resolves her headaches and cervical ROM issues. She also s/t her primary physician also X rayed her Cspine and said that her atlas was sticking out on one side. I was also able to palpate a bony prominence in the upper cervical spine.

    The question is: Is this even possible? If the atlas were that hypermobile, wouldn’t it be extremely dangerous and cause compression on the spinal cord? (there’s no “empty space” in the spinal column, so it would have to cause spinal cord pressure, right?)

    I don’t want to waste too much time calling the doctor just to try to disprove the patient or the chiro, because it helps her. But none of this sounds right. Has anyone else hear of this?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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