• December 1, 2010 at 5:18 am #3550
    Scott NY


    I’ve been working as a full time bartender for 10 years and really want to enter
    the PT Assistant program that my local community college offers here in New York.
    My one concern is that I got in a fight when I was 19 and have a misdemeanor simple assault
    charge on my record. The fight was with another teenage guy and he tried to beat me up. During
    the fight I defended myself and I ended up with the charge due to him receiving some minor scratches.
    I’m now 32 and the only time I ever had trouble with the law was this one time 12 years ago. I’ve been a model citizen since I was 19, I even volunteer every week with a non-profit that works with kids. I have 2 children of my own and love them more than anything. I’m tired of working till 3am and dealing with the drunks all the time. My question is will my one mistake as a teenager keep me from being able to sit for my national physical therapy assistant exam once I complete the required educational requirements? I asked this question to one pt assistant teacher and see told me it’s a gray area.
    If anyone has any advice for me I’d really appreciate it. I’m determined to make a better life for my family. If I need to pursue a different career other than pt assistant I will, but I’d be disappointed. I love volunteering my time every week to help kids and to be able to make a career out of helping them would be very satisfying for me. Thanks for your time and happy holidays everybody!

    December 4, 2010 at 2:27 pm #11060

    You’ll have to look at the practice act for NY specifically, however, most states only bar convicted felons from obtaining their license. After that, it’s up to your employer and a background check and their personal discretion.

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